Best Mouse For WoW?

Best Mouse for WoW

What is the best mouse to get for playing WoW? In this post we’ll look at the main features to look for when selecting a mouse, specifically for all you World of Warcraft fans out there.

If you’re reading this article, you’re obviously looking for a specialty mouse that’s going to improve your WoW gameplay. For nearly all WoW players, this means macro buttons on your mouse.

Playing WoW – Think Macros

Macros are the secret behind many good WoW players. They save you time and optimize your actions in heat of a PvP battle. You will certainly want to be prerecording some of these if you haven’t already.

Here’s a video targeted at new players but is an excellent guide to using and creating macros:

When it comes to actually using your macros, you’ve got a few options here – they can be activated by keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons, or clickable buttons on your player interface.

Operating macros using additional mouse buttons is extremely convenient and will give you an edge over the majority of WoW players without specialty mice. The mice we’ll be looking at a little later on offer a range of options for assigning multiple macro actions, all within easy reach on your mousing hand.

Mouse Features to Consider

When choosing a mouse for WoW or any other MMORPG style game, don’t forget that it’s not just about how many buttons you have.

Comfort is a huge factor that should not be overlooked. It’s no use having epic macro functionality if your hand deteriorates to nothing but a withered claw after a few hours of grinding because your mouse is uncomfortable.

withered claw hand
My hands have ended up feeling a little like this in the past courtesy of hours playing using an uncomfortable mouse. Photo Credit: theogeo via Compfight cc

Here’s what we think is important when it comes to MMO gaming mice:

  1. Comfort. Choose a mouse that will suit your grip (palm, fingertip or claw).
  2. Wired/Wireless. Different gamers will have different preferences, but there are plenty of mouse options in either arena. If you could go either way, be sure to consider aspects such as convenience, reliability and battery life.
  3. Buttons. Work out how many additional buttons you are likely to need for assigning to other functions or macros. MMO or MOBA specific gaming mice will often offer more buttons to cater to your needs.
  4. Button Location. Depending on what feels more natural, you may prefer a grid button arrangement like those found on the Corsair SCIMITAR or Logitech G600
    Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse for Wow
    The Logitech G600 is a very popular MMO mouse due to the tactile feedback that the raised grid buttons offer.

    …or, if you’re not keen on the grid button arrangement, your other option is an arbitrary button arrangement which will vary depending on the mouse design. For example, the Logitech G700S

logitech g700s ergonomic mouse
The Logitech G700S mouse has more naturally placed buttons for those who prefer something different to a grid layout.

Keeping these features in mind, we put together a list of mouse options that we think world of warcraft fans will enjoy using.

Our Top Picks: The Best WoW Mice Options

If you’re a real WoW enthusiast, SteelSeries actually make a few officially licensed products that have decent features.

world of warcraft logo

At the time of writing there are 4 different Blizzard endorsed SteelSeries mice available, including the original wired version, a wireless version, a gold edition, and a Cataclysm release.

Features include 11 customizable button, color-customizable illuminated logo, and drag-and-drop macro creation using the SteelSeries software.

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary wired MMO Gaming Mouse with illuminated logo. It also comes in a plainer, gold edition version.

The design on some of these official products is pretty cool too, especially the wireless mouse. The charging dock keeps in theme with the game, described as an epic pedestal emblazoned with illuminated runes. Sounds pretty elite!

steelseries wow wireless mouse



The Cataclysm version changed the design a little and introduced an extra 3 buttons, the ability to save profile setups and easy to use drag-and-drop preset commands for macro creation – so you can program your 14 buttons to start pwning noobs in no time at all. It also has the ability to assign button macros all within the WoW menu interface.

Steelseries cataclysm wow mouse
Cataclysm official WoW mouse by SteelSeries

But enough shameless pedaling of the official Blizz products – here’s some other top mouse picks which have proved to be popular with WoW players.

If you also play games other than MMO, these won’t lead you astray as they’re extremely versatile and can be setup for MMO, MOBA, and RTS quite effectively.

Recommended Grid-Button Mice





  • Razer Naga

  • Logitech G600
  • Corsair SCIMITAR

Recommended Arbitrary Button Mice

  • Mad Catz MMO7

  • Corsair Vengeance M95
  • Logitech G700S


Choosing the best mouse for WoW will depend a lot on what your personal preference is for the feel, look and functionality of your gaming mouse. There are a few officially licensed Blizzard products on the market made by SteelSeries, but we’ve also made quite a few suggestions of other highly regarded MMO mice as well.

We highly recommend something with at least 8 or more buttons so that you can assign a few macros to your mouse clicks, which can potentially drastically improve your battle and PvP performance.

If you’re a WoW enthusiast, let us know what your preferred mouse for WoW is – leave us a comment below!

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