When building a custom PC it’s incredibly important to ensure proper cooling is in place.

Computer case fan
Computer case fan.


Getting rid of waste heat produced by your computer is essential. This is achieved by the use of computer fans, heatsinks and other cooling methods.

Excess heat can cause your computer components to function poorly, damage them completely, or shorten their lifespan. Heat can build up in an enclosed computer case, so it’s very important to have a way of managing excess heat down to the acceptable limits of your components.

Selection Considerations

Many components have their own cooling functionality built-in, so you will only need to worry about adequate heat-management within a case.

Overclocking your computer can lead to extra heat generation, which may require aftermarket modifications to remain within manufacturer specifications for temperature.

CPU Radiator for computer cooling
Radiator on a CPU.

Cooling options include:

  • Fans
  • Heatsinks
  • Water/gas cooling systems
    Water cooling around motherboard
    Water cooling run in blue pipes.

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