Gaming Build Update – Quarter 2, 2016

Good news everyone! We’ve updated our gaming builds for Q2 2016.

These are fresh off the press coming into May 2016, and we’ve made a few improvements.

Most importantly, we’ve updated all of the gaming builds to the latest Skylake architecture, which brings a whole host of improvements due to the updated motherboard chipset.

Firstly, users can make the move to DDR4 RAM (higher clock speeds) at a much lower price point. Previously, you could expect to outlay a decent amount of money on a motherboard which was capable of supporting DDR4 memory. With Intel’s new Skylake supporting chipsets, these motherboards have immediately become more affordable.

The Skylake CPUs also have several benefits over the previous generation – typically using less power and generating less heat than the previous generation Broadwell processors. Skylake CPUs are also specifically available in low power and low heat variations on top of this, as detailed in our previous post on Skylake processors.

This should interest most gamers as we all know that excess heat can adversely affect components inside your computer case, leading to poor performance, unstable hardware and even shortened component lifespan.

For these builds, we’ve opted for a cheaper motherboard with the H110 chipset to keep costs down and prioritize the budget as much as possible towards the best graphics card possible.

Check out our updated gaming PC builds here (revised April 2016):

Gaming PC build under $500

Gaming PC build under $600

Gaming PC build under $700

Gaming PC build under $800

Other News

In other news, we’re also working on putting together some variants of these gaming builds that will cater towards those who prefer an AMD processor and graphics card combo.

We’re also developing a high end build which will be available shortly… we’re working on a budget of around $2,000 for this bad boy, so it’s definitely for high rollers only.

Stay tuned for updates!



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