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Thank you for your interest in writing for us at PCBuildAdvisor.com.

We’re pleased to advise that we do accept guest post contributions, provided they meet our strict quality standards, which first and foremost means that they provide value and interest to our reader base.

If you are interested in getting guest content published at PC Build Advisor, the criteria you will need to meet are as follows:

Topics: All things related to PC hardware, gaming, computer assembly, including articles that our readers would find informative or engaging. This means any topics related to computer hardware, laptops, peripherals, etc. including product reviews, or other items along a similar line are all acceptable. Please note though that your topic must be relevant to the content covered in this website. No offensive or blatant advertising/marketing content is permitted.

Quality: Your submitted article must be of the highest quality and provide useful, valuable information to our reader base. It must be one of the best for its topic online and completely original.

Length: 2,500+ words

Cost: No cost is applicable. We do not charge any fees when accepting and publishing guest posts.

Expert Opinions Required: If you are writing on a topic that is advisory, we require you to reach out and obtain at least 5 quotes/opinions from experts in the field to support your content. For example, these could be other companies, manufacturers, professionals, or other bloggers. You MUST provide proper attribution in your article to reference your sources.

Images/Screenshots: Your content must be enhanced with images or screenshots and all content used should be original and/or free-use and not violate any copyright restrictions.

Links: All references must be sourced with no-follow outbound links. In fact, there should be at least 10+ outbound links referencing your work assuming it is based on solid research. You may include one in-content do-follow link to your site. Your do-follow link must be relevant to the content covered in the article and on our website.

Affiliate Links: Please do NOT include any affiliate links. You agree that PC Build Advisor reserves the right to add our own affiliate links to the article.

Reserve the Right to Refuse: Your guest post article submission is a submission, and there’s no guarantee it will be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse it or require revisions.

Copyright: You agree that copyright for your submitted article passes entirely to PCBuildAdvisor.com and that all submitted content is original and not published elsewhere.

ontact Information: Contact us via the PC Build Advisor ‘Contact Us‘ page if you have read the above, are interested, and would like to find out what the next steps are.

We look forward to working with you!

Please note, we receive a lot of pitches. If you don’t hear back from us after a couple of weeks, it’s quite possible your email may have been buried – we apologize in advance! Please feel free to resend it.