PC Build Advisor offers unbiased advice on computer hardware for PC builds.

Getting the most value for money is what we’re all about, and our team has the necessary expertise to ensure you can assemble the best performing computer you possibly can for your budget.

Our recommended builds are grouped by category and price range for ease of browsing, and updated quarterly.

Assembling a computer yourself can be both a fun and economical way to customize your new PC.

Not keen on building a computer yourself? We also plan to offer recommendations and reviews on pre-assembled computer packages, including laptops. Stay tuned for updates as our site continues to grow!


    • This is a nice wish that has probably been had by most of us at one point Mohammed! If you’re struggling with budget, you might be able to still get a decent computer for a lower cost (maybe not free, but who knows, you could get lucky) by thinking creatively. For example, check for second-hand listings for computers, or scavenge ‘broken’ computers for parts – you might be able to assemble a fully working one from several broken ones.
      Alternatively, if you have some useful skills along some good bargaining skills you might be able to try trading these skills with someone for a computer that they don’t want in return. Hope this gives you some ideas – good luck!

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