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  1. Hello,

    I’m planning my build at the moment, this will be my first home build and need some guidance with my components I’ve chosen, I’ll link the list of components below.

    Only factors are £1,000 ($1500) budget, it will be red themed, NZXT H440 Case and modular PSU.

    Thank you

    • Hi James,

      This looks like a great build so far, but it looks like you’re a bit over your budget at the moment, especially once you factor in that SSD (for some reason it looks like it’s not included in the total, but I’m not sure if this is intentional if you already own that SSD).

      We can definitely give you some guidance on how to trim the total back a little to meet your budget but the best way to do this is if you let us know what your goals are for the build. I can see you’re looking at a GTX 980 so I imagine it’s a gaming build. I also noticed you’ve chosen the “K” edition i7 and a liquid cooling unit to go with it – are you looking to heavily overclock the CPU at any point?

      Once you let us know your specific goals I think we can cut the price back a decent amount and even get some more performance out of it too in the areas that you care about most.

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