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Here are our latest recommended gaming builds. These are updated regularly and aim to provide you with the best gaming performance at each price point.

The Builds

500-pc-gaming-build    600-gaming-build    700-pc-gaming-build

800-gaming-build    2000-gaming-build

Previous Builds

Technology in the computer hardware space changes rapidly, so we are always updating our builds to ensure you are going to get the most value for money when it comes to putting together your own gaming PC.

As we update our builds, we also archive all of our old gaming build parts lists to keep as a point of reference.

Looking for previous builds that we had recommended? You can find all of our previous gaming PC parts lists in our Build Archives.


    • Hi Allen
      Great build that you’ve put together, thanks for sharing. It’s very similar to our $800 build. You won’t problems running Street Fighter 5 with this as it exceeds the minimum requirements listed for the game. Your graphics card choice exceeds the recommended requirements (GTX 960), but the CPU is a little short performance wise. We checked out the CPU benchmark scores for your CPU choice versus both the minimum and recommended CPUs on Street Fighter 5, and yours almost matches the score for the recommended, so I think you’ll be fine in this respect. In any case it exceeds the minimum by a good amount and most games are restricted by graphics card power before CPU these days anyway.

      The only recommendation I’d give for your build is to see if you can squeeze in a solid state drive (SSD) – it will make a world of difference speed-wise when it comes to load times, boot times and general use of your computer. A good strategy is to have a smaller SSD with your OS installed on it and keep your 1TB hard drive for file storage. A cheap yet good SSD is the Kingston HyperX Fury 120GB for around $50, or a more premium product is Samsung’s 850 EVO. We’d recommend reducing your memory to just a single 8GB stick in order to afford the SSD – you can always put more memory in later and 8GB is pretty sufficient for most gaming and general use at the moment.

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