Peripherals are just about anything you plug into your computer. These items can make a huge impact on your experience while using your PC.

Mouse and keyboard
A mouse and keyboard are basic computer peripherals used to input user instructions.


Peripheral devices are any devices used to input or output information from your computer, to make it usable by humans.  Commonly used peripherals can include basic things such as your keyboard and mouse, through to more specialist devices like gaming controllers or digital cameras.

They are classed into two types, input or output, based on the interaction with the computer.

Many output peripheral devices are optional, but some basic input and output peripherals (like a keyboard/mouse and monitor) are necessary in order to be able to operate your computer in a useful way. Other optional input/output peripherals like graphics tablets and speakers serve to enhance the user’s experience.

Selection Considerations

Your choice of peripherals will customize your computer experience, and everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to the type of peripherals they select and use.

Generic selection considerations include:

  • Plug type/port availability on your computer
  • Connectivity and compatibility
  • Software requirements
  • Additional software
  • Power requirements

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